5-HTP Sales Soar after Dr. Oz Show Recommendation

A weight loss supplement that has been readily available for over 30 years has seen its sales soar after a recommendation from celebrity physician Dr Mehmet Oz on his own Doctor Oz Show. Despite being known about in medical circles for over 30 years the naturally occuring substance 5htp the popularity of the product as a diet aid has rocketed following it being featured on the Doctor Oz Show. The appetite suppressant has become even more popular afer consumers discovered there are few side effects to consider for those without preexisting conditions.

5htp is a naturally occuring substance produced in the human body from tryptophan, which is later converted in the body to serotonin; the presence of large amounts of serotonin in the human brain has been linked to a reduction in the appetite and the number of calories craved by the body. Unlike supplements containing serotonin, which find it difficult to make their way into the brain and have a positive effect on the diet of the consumer 5htp synthesizes directly into the brain and immediately begins to reduce the appetite of the user.

Alongside the positive effects on the diet this all natural product has it can also have a positive effect on the outlook and overall wellbeing of the person using it for weight loss. When choosing a supplement people shjould look for those containing ingredients derived naturally from the seeds of the griffonia simplicitolia plant, which is native to certainr egions of Africa. The seeds of this plant have been shown in various studies to have a positive effect on the overall mood of those consuming it by reducing the effects of depression and insomnia; the seed extract can also be helpful for those suffering from frequent symptoms of fibromyalgia and people who are affected by frequent headaches.

More than simply a weight loss product the appetite suppressant should only be used for a short period of time to provide a quick increase of serotonin in the bloodstream for a recommended maximum period of around 12 weeks. Research studies have shown those using this all natural product have seen an average loss of weight over a short period, usually around 12 weeks of 10 pounds in overweight women. Accompanying the loss of appetite women who commonly craved certain foods saw their need for carbohydrates drop without any intentional change in eating habits.

Although no known side effects are reported with the use of the product it is not recommended for use by those pregnant or breastfeeding; any person with an existing mental health issue or gastrointestinal medical problem should seek medical advice before beginning use. To ensure the most positive effects it is recommended a supplement with as few additives and non natural ingredients as possible is taken.

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